Westerville Playgrounds

Westerville Parks are some of our favorites!  I’ve compiled a list of 19, so you can take a day or a week playground hopping.  Enjoy! 

Johnston-McVay Park

480 S Hempstead Rd. Westerville

Holy hammocks!  We love the Storybook Trail here.  They change them frequently and my oldest enjoys reading to her younger sisters.  The playground is pretty and naturey too! 

🦋Butterfly Climber

👍🏻Swings for all abilities, young and old

🪵Wobbly log balance beam

👏🏼Falcon with climber inside and out

🥚Egg climbers

🪵Wood climbers galore

👊🏼Roller slides


Walnut Ridge Park

525 E Walnut St. Westerville

This is a climber’s dream, for toddlers and older kids, this is a must go to playground!  We also enjoyed the bridge(Dora bridge to my middle daughter).  The open field was a great space to run and a picnic pavilion was nice way to end our visit.

👧🏻Toddler climbing area with small slide and wall activities 

👩🏻Big kid climbing area with slides, 

🧗🏻‍♂️Tons of climbing features(too many to name and describe)

💫Spiral spinner

🕸Rope spider web

👍🏻Swings for everyone

🐟Great paved paths to a bridge over a creek

🐜Picnic pavilion 

⚾️Baseball field

Blendon Woods Natural Play Area 

4265 E Dublin Granville Rd. Westerville

I love playgrounds that are in nature and incorporate natural elements.  It’s geared towards kids that are a little bit older than my kids(2 and 4), but they were still able to have fun too.  There are also some playgrounds at Blendon Woods too.  It is definitely worth the trip! 

🧗🏻‍♂️Rope walls

🤸🏼‍♂️Tight rope

👊🏽Netted Round Swing

🚂Log train

🔻Log teeter totter

🙈Log bridges(I was very nervous with my younger kids as it is a pretty far way up.  There isn’t another option around)

✖️Log tic tac toe

👍🏽Zip line swing

🙌🏼You’ll also drive past two playgrounds for even more fun

🐜Picnic pavilions and lots of nice shade trees for picnics

Hoover Reservoir Park 🦆

7701 Sunbury Rd. Westerville

This is a great climber’s playground with lots of features.  A pretty picnic area with wildlife.  And the detached play structures are a fun and different playground to throw into the mix.  

🤙🏽A tall curved slide 

🌈A rainbow arched climber to scale on the bottom and top

🙌🏼Swings, 2 regular and 2 baby

🧗🏻‍♀️Climbing walls all around

👍🏻A few ladder structures

👣Wobbly small stepping stones attached to chains

🧗🏻‍♂️Honeycomb shaped walls to climb

🐜Picnic area, we prefer a nice blanket

Hoff Woods Park 🌲

556 McCorkle Blvd. Westerville

This was a nice surprise, two newer playsets in one for varying ages. My oldest is into climbing now and this playground was abundant with those features. A dinosaur can also be spotted at this park, as well as a little play house for imaginative play. We loved the nature feel to this playground.

🌲Pine tree climbers

🙌🏼A log to climb on and through

👧🏽A smaller playground with a steering wheel, slide, double slides steps and ring climber.

🙌🏼Swings galore

🏠A small house with a mailbox, bench and fire inside to imagine with

🦖A dinosaur to climb and sit on

👍🏻The larger playground is huge and is filled with a small slide, long slide, and double slides

🧗🏻‍♀️The climbing features are a rope climbing area, wall, twisted metal climbers, a wall across one side with holes to climb on about 4 feet off the ground, wobbly stepping stones and a fireman pole.

👣There is a foot swing that was tricky

👃🏼The sweet smell of Cheryls cookies down the road was a nice smell

🐜A picnic pavilion and bathrooms are available

Olde Towne Park 🧗🏻‍♀️

108 Old County Line Rd. Westerville

This was a nice little climbing park. If has a lot of climbing features I haven’t seen on our adventures around Columbus. It was also not very busy which was nice.

👧🏻A smaller playset with steps, 2 slides, gears, a cool bell to ring, tiered ladder climber, 2 other pole climbing options and a maze

🧗🏻‍♂️A really neat climbing structure made of climbing walls and a pole on an inclined twisted plastic. Once to the top you can sit on a platform.  It also has a wobbly rope ladder and an arched rope climber.

🎵Musical instruments station


🐜A small picnic pavilion

Towers Park

657 County Line Rd. Westerville

This is a great park for younger kids, and also has climbing features and swings for the older kids. The little houses are adorable and have lots of play features. There is partial shade which was a nice perk for the little ones.

Hanby Park-Westerville 💦🧗🏻‍♀️

115 E Park St. Westerville

It was a nice option to throw into the mix of our regulars. We loved that it is right behind the library so you can combine trips.  Splash pad, playground and a huge climbing tower!

👍🏽A splash pad area with comfy swings to watch the kids

🧗🏻‍♀️The tower is nothing like I’ve seen before. It is very tall, suggested age is 6-12 years. My oldest(4.5) was able to climb the inclined rope ladder up, but you have to climb down another section to get to the slide. She needed assistance, just a heads up!

👶🏻A baby and regular swing combo, the best invention ever, along with normal swings

🙌🏼A grass hill to climb, my youngest daughter’s favorite

👧🏻A smaller bridge and slide for the younger kids

🐜A picnic pavilion and large shade trees for a nice picnic

Milstone Park

745 N Spring Rd. Westerville.

☀️ This park is huge! So many things to play with and on. It is also made for kids with special needs. Climbers will love all the challenging features.

💕This park has features for younger and older kids.

🦋 This park integrates nature with a pond and wetlands, a natural climbing area, a slide through the grasses and stepping stones.

🎶 Music instruments are placed throughout the park

♿️ Handicap and stroller accessible

Freeman Road Park 🦖

6460 Freeman Rd. Westerville

We visited this park for a birthday party. It’s a little gem! It brings back some old play structures I grew up with. Simple play at it’s best!

🙌🏼2 playgrounds

👧🏻Smaller playset with 3 slides, ladders, swings, climbing wall, maracas, and a sand digger

🦖Dinosaurs that seat 2 kids, but more if climbers

👦🏼Larger playset that features a detached slide, swings, teeter totter, 2 regular monkey bars, curvy monkey bars, and a rainbow arch climber

🚲Paved 1/3 mile loop trail perfect for biking

📚Trail features a ‘Born Learning Trail’ made up of activity stations to help parents engage children in interactive games

🐜Picnic table pavillion and tables throughout the park, and charcoal grills

⚽️Athletic field

🏀Basketball courts

👍🏻No chemicals sprayed on grass

Planet Westerville 🌎

362 Huber Village Blvd. Westerville

Holy climber’s dream, these are tricky and tall! We loved the challenge and the views from the top. Be ready to land from the fast slides, whee! Little ones can try the smaller set as well.

💕Two play sets for age groups

⛰Climbing wall, rope bridge, slanted climbers, a twisted spin ride, rope agility webs, climb through circles to get to the top

💭A whimsical stagecoach for the younger kids to explore and imagine

👊🏻Two stationary pogo sticks to jump your heart out on, oh memories!

🥁Drums to play

⚽️A soccer field with nets

🙌🏻This park is fenced in, I liked this feature, as well as the benches

🐜A pavilion with picnic tables made a nice dinner at the park

Alum Creek Park North🚂

221 W Main St. Westerville

We love the shade at this park and the variety of activities available. They also have free plays here in the summer. I’ll remind you when they start up again.

💕A train and swings for the younger kids and challenging features for the older kids

🚞A fun train to ride, drive, slide, climb and sit in. Imagination explored!

⛰A webbed climber, wobbly bridge, open stepping stone bridge, climbing wall, giant rock, twisted ladder and tightrope for the ninja warriors

🚥A interactive game to get that extra energy out

🏖A giant sand pit

🐞Scavenger hunt throughout the play structure

👍🏻A variety of tall slides with varying speeds

🏐🏀⚾️Ball fields

Rocky Fork Metro Park 🌳

7180 Walnut St. Westerville

This was a nice surprise for a more natural playground. It’s surrounded by woods and it truly takes you away from the hustle and bustle.

Check out all the details and photos here…

🔴Rolling slide to jiggle giggle out if the kids

🌳Stumps to walk across

🧗‍♂️Large rocks to climb

🌲A log balance beam

🧗🏻‍♀️Two rope obstacles to scale across between two large rocks

🙌🏻4 regular swings and a double swing with a baby swing, my daughters enjoyed swinging together

🐜A really nice picnic pavilion with really cool wood lounging chairs

👣Nice walking trails

Everal Barn and Homestead 📍

60 N Cleveland Ave. Westerville

My daughters love exploring and going on adventures to playgrounds. Sometimes, it’s nice to do a more laid back outing. We love going to Everal Barn and Homestead to explore nature and relax.

💕Fun for all ages

🌳Our favorite spot is sitting under the Willow tree by the pond

🐸A great place for seeing wildlife and talking about nature

🐜A great picnic spot

📷A great place to take pictures

♿️The gravel might be a struggle in some areas, but worth the views

Inniswood Metro Gardens🌺

940 S Hempstead Rd Westerville

🚂 A plesant surprise to us today, volunteers have this train track set up on Sat and Sun 11-4 if weather permits.

🐸 Lots of nature integrated into the play areas, including stepping stones through the frog bog. A secret garden with a vine tunnel and a crane fountain.

🌲An awesome tree house and wobbly bridge

Edward S. Thompson State Nature Preserve

@ Sharon Woods Metro Park

1069 W Main St. Westerville

This Nature Preserve has nice wide paths and a variety of environments.  We loved the surprise creek last summer.  And the pond at Sharon Woods is close to the trail, great for watching ducks and fishing. We also enjoyed reading the signs about the areas as we hiked.

This nature preserve, named in honor of Edward S. Thomas, the renowned Ohio naturalist, lies within the boundaries of Sharon Woods Metropark in northern Franklin County. The paved path in the metropark is a multi-use trail for bicyclists and pedestrians and provides excellent opportunities to view the preserve.

Westerville Library 📚

126 S State St. Westerville

The new renovations are complete! There is a tree house which is a lot of fun. All the flooring is carpeted, which is super cool because it looks like it’s wood. There are also other features that are still here that your kids will love.

📣In front of the library there is a bench/tube structure/art that has connected speaking tubes so you can talk to each other on opposite sides

🚪Fun sized doors to enter the kids space

🌳A really fun tree house with steps, a telescope, windows, and a craw-able space

💐They rotate and interactive area, currently there is a flower shop to pretend in. My girls love the phone!

🚪A secret door with a fun house mirror

✋Heat activated wall station

👶🏻Baby toys with beads

🐄Farm magnetic board

🦄A toy trunk with tons of stuffed animals, including a unicorn

⚙A book shelf of puzzles and other developmental toys

🖥Computers with touch screens with educational games

Westerville Community Center Indoor Playground🙌🏻

350 N Cleveland Ave. Westerville

Inside? Free? Oh yes I did! Walk in and down the steps and you will see on the right.

💕Multiple ways to get to the top, varying skilled ladders and steps so all ages can play

🍦Play ice cream shop or house in the enclosed bottom section

👍🏻A fun twirly slide

🧗‍♀️A tall climbing wall to the top of the playground or slide down the pole

⚙️Gears, balls, and fun twisting toys built in the playground

👊🏻Comfy seating for parents

Central Park Indoor Playground🚀

Westerville Christian Church

471 E College Avenue Westerville

This is a free indoor playground that is tons of fun!

📍Socks required

👍🏻Super clean and a lot of fun indoor playground with slide, helicopter propeller spinner and wheel to drive

🧗‍♀️ A really nice climbing wall

👏🏻A smaller climber for little ones

🖍Activities at tables occasionally