Towers Park, Westerville, Ohio

Towers Park is a great park for younger kids! It has some little houses that are adorable and have lots of play features. There is also a wood and rope play area that has a lot of climbing options for older kids, too. There are also a few swings for the older kids. There is partial shade at Towers Park, which was a nice perk for the little ones.

If you use the main address listed for the park on Google Maps, it will take you to the baseball fields. To find the playground, turn on N. Spring Rd.. There is a parking lot for the playground area at 161 N. Spring Rd., Westerville.

  • Address: 161 N. Spring Rd., Westerville., OH 43081
  • Website

Features of Towers Park include:

Cute play houses for toddlers

A cute, green playhouse for toddlers at Towers Park in Westerville, Ohio.

Kids can play inside the houses!

A green playhouse and a stained glass pavilion in the park.

Interactive elements for toddlers

Interactive play elements in the park.

A little slide coming out of one of the houses

A green playhouse with a small toddler slide coming out of it.

More interactive elements on the side of the house

A boy playing inside the play house at Towers Park in Westerville, Ohio.

A house with a table outside with games and moveable elements

An orange house with a white fence and toddler play elements.

You can’t miss the amazing stained glass pavilion!

Stained glass pavilion at Towers Park.

Don’t miss the smaller details on the pavilion like a butterfly and grasshopper.

A wide-angle view of Towers Park in Westerville, Ohio.

The second portion of the park has a wood and rope climbing obstacle course.

A boy on the ropes course at Towers Park.

Lots of opportunities for balancing

A boy balancing on wood beams at Towers Park in Westerville.

and walking across

A boy walking on flower shaped pads in the park.

Climb wooden structures

The rope and climbing course at Towers Park.

Climb along the ropes course

Girls climbing on the ropes course.

The whole thing can be done like an obstacle course from one end to the other.

The natural play area at Towers Park.

There is also a small area with a few regular swings and a toddler swing.

Swing set at Towers Park.

The houses will be a hit with the toddlers!

Play houses at Towers Park near Columbus, Ohio.
An orange play house at Towers park.

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