Millstone Creek Park, Westerville, Ohio

Milstone Creek Park is a really awesome park that has so much to offer! There are natural elements and accessible elements so there is really something for all kids at this great playground in Westerville, Ohio!

This park is huge! There are so many things to play with and on. It is also made for kids with special needs. Climbers will love all the challenging features. There are musical instruments throughout the park and it is handicap and stroller accessible

  • Address: 745 N Spring Rd, Westerville, OH 43082
  • Restrooms available

Features of Millstone Creek Park include:

Features for younger and older kids alike

Plastic slide at Millstone Creek Park in Westerville, Ohio.

This park integrates nature with a pond and wetlands, a natural climbing area, a slide through the grasses and stepping stones.

Two boys walking through the creek.
Two boys stepping over the stones at Millstone Creek Park.

A play area for toddlers including a play house

Toddler play area at Millstone Creek Park.

Slides and interactive elements

Slide and interactive elements on the playground at Millstone Creek Park.

A boardwalk to the playground

The boardwalk to Millstone Creek Park.

More slides and climbing elements

A metal slide on the play structure.

Balance beams

Rock climbing elements in the park.

Lots of swings for all ages

Regular swings and toddler swings at Millstone Creek Park.

Musical elements on the play structures

Musical elements on the play structure at Millstone Creek.

More of the boardwalk

Two girls on the boardwalk.

Rock climbing walls and tunnels

A tunnel to climb through at the park.

A rope to balance on

A rope to balance on.

Lots of climbing options

Climbing options in the park.

A tunnel to climb through

A tunnel at Millstone Creek Park in Westerville, Ohio.

A wheelchair accessible AeroGlider

A wheelchair accessible Aeroglider at Millstone Creek Park in Westerville, Ohio.

Millstone Creek Park is such a fun playground for kids in Columbus! You’ve got to visit this one! Check out this list of parks in Westerville or this list of fun playgrounds in Westerville for more ideas!