Toddler Parks on the West Side of Columbus

You asked for it!  These are our favorite toddler parks on the West-ish side of Columbus.  Let me know if I’m missing any 😊

I’ve only provided details pertinent to toddlers, but the links to the original posts have all the details. And of course there are lots of pictures as well, 360 views! 

  • Ted Kaltenbach Park-Dublin 

🌈We loved the bright colors and softer rubber ground underneath

👧🏻Smaller playground with two double racing slides(small and large), a tunnel to climb through to reach the slides, slated ladder and a set of steps to climb up and a detached twisty tunnel to climb in or hang out inside

🏖Sand volleyball court, bring some sand toys and you’ve got a giant sand box! 

  • Coffman Park-Dublin

We love the climbing features for younger kids. It’s hard to find smaller play structures with all this park has to offer. And it feels like you are in the woods, surrounded by nature.

🧒🏼Two separated playgrounds with varying skill levels. 

💫A merry go round ride and a hamster wheel contraption to experiment with

🐝A bee to climb on and use your imagination

🏠A little house that we like to pretend is an ice cream shop

🐜An ant hill to crawl around in or on

🍄The cutest toad stool picnic table to have lunch or a snack on

👣Walking trails for the explorers

🎭Put on a play at the stage

🦶🏼A bridge to walk over and a cement tunnel to climb through

🙌🏼3 slides, a rock to climb and tree structures to navigate

🦉Find the stumps with an owl to talk across the playground

📸Paved paths to a creek for a great photo op

♿️Mostly accessible

  • Fancyburg Park-Upper Arlington

👦🏽Smallest play area has two houses with a tunnel, wall activities including an abacus, and tons of imaginary play

🐝Ride a bee or a grasshopper

👍🏻Intermediate playground has a ramp as well as ladders and steps to access a twisty slide, two other smaller slides, a spinning tic tac toe wall activity and a few other activities, ladders to climb and a counter for imaginary play

👩🏻The largest playground has drums ad horns, a small tunnel and a a rocket ship spin toy

🐸Frogs to climb on

🙌🏼There are two sets of swings for little and big kids

📚Story trail

🐜Picnic tables and benches galore, make it a day trip

  • Barrington Elementary School- Upper Arlington

This is a newer ADA compliant playground. It has so many fun features that it was hard to get my girls to leave.  We will definitely be going back soon!

🦋2 cocoons that wobble and can be spun

🙈Triple racing slide and twisty slide

🚤Boat to rock in

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦4 person teeter totter, we love these family opportunities 

🚗2 seat wobble car

💫Stick spinner

💫Chair spinner

👣Taller twisted stepping stones

🦶🏼A tunnel to climb through to stepping stones, I love the handles on the sides

🧗🏻‍♂️A detached climbing feature

👍🏻Swings for all abilities

🏠A little house with a table inside

🙌🏼A few sliding games on walls of the playground

  • Thompson Park-Upper Arlington

A playground to keep your kids busy with a lot of features and a nice shaded area to sit on a bench and enjoy the pretty landscape. There is also a walking path.

Two play sets for younger and older kids

🐬Seahorses and dolphin ride ons

Balance beam, step stones, teeter totters, monkey bars, a twisted climbing feature and a stone climbing wall

🙌🏼Regular swings and a foot swing, along with a standing spin ride

🤘🏻Tube slide with moon roof and racing slides


🦕Dinosaur bones under the climbing wall

🌳Great big shade trees

🐜Picnic tables for a nice lunch

  • Northam Park-Upper Arlington

This is a newer park and is super cool . 

🙌🏼Two play areas for younger and older kids

🌳Surrounded by big shade trees

🧗🏻‍♂️A climbers dream

🕸Enjoy a unique spiderweb rope tire swing and the hammock under the larger play set

📚Explore Tremont library beside the park with lots of hands on toys