Barrington Elementary School- Upper Arlington

Barrington Elementary School Playground
1780 Barrington Rd. Upper Arlington

This is a newer ADA compliant playground. It has so many fun features that it was hard to get my girls to leave.  We will definitely be going back soon!

👍🏻2 cocoons that wobble and can be spun
😮A triple racing slide and twisty slide
⛵A boat to rock in
4️⃣A 4 person teeter totter
🚖A 2 seat wobble car
💫A stick spinner
👊🏼A chair spinner
👣Taller twisted stepping stones
🙌🏽A tunnel to climb through to stepping stones
🧗🏻‍♀️A detached climbing feature
🧗🏻‍♂️A taller climbing wall as well as a tree root type climber
🌉An enclosed bridge with steps to the twirly slide
👌Swings for all abilities
👨🏻‍🍳A little house with a table inside
🚦A few sliding games on walls of the playground