Fancyburg Park-Upper Arlington

Fancyburg Park-Upper Arlington 🐝

3375 Kioka Ave. Upper Arlington

This park has 3 play areas for varying ages, along with a natural play area in the woods.  I love the older shade trees in this park.  My oldest daughter enjoys the one of a kind balance beam.

👶🏻Smallest play area has two houses with a tunnel, wall activities including an abacus, and tons of imaginary play

🐝Ride a bee or a grasshopper

👧🏻Intermediate playground has a ramp as well as ladders and steps to access a twisty slide, two other smaller slides, a spinning tic tac toe wall activity and a few other activities, ladders to climb and a counter for imaginary play

🤸🏼‍♂️A large shifting balance beam that I haven’t seen at another park before

👦🏻The largest playground has drums ad horns, a small tunnel, a steep straight slide(makes me afraid of heights), an enclosed twisty slide with a tall drop down from the slide, a tall climbing feature with foot steps, a climbing wall, a long monkey bar contraption, a rocket ship spin toy, a circular twisty ladder, and a bridge connecting the play features

🐸Frogs to climb on 

👍🏻There are two sets of swings for little and big kids

📚Story trail

🐜Picnic tables and benches galore, make it a day trip