Scioto Park and Leatherlips Monument, Dublin, Ohio

Scioto Park is home to the memorial of Leatherlips, a local Wyandot legend. This 12 foot stone statue is quite a sight to see! Nearby is a playground with a picnic shelter, nature trails, a sledding hill and an amphitheater that is the location of community concerts.

Chief Leatherlips was fun to explore and you can also go behind the statue and stand for a picture. Little ones will need a boost.

  • Address: 7377 Riverside Dr, Dublin, OH 43017
  • Restrooms are near Chief Leatherlips but are accessible by steps or trail up a small hill
The Chief Leatherlips statue in Dublin, Ohio.
A child on the hill near Leatherlips in Scioto Park.
Steps up the back of Leatherlips.

A natural amphitheater that is fun to create a play or just climb around

An amphitheater at Scioto Park.

The playground is for ages 5-12, it has 2 play structures with varying skill levels

Playground at Scioto Park in Dublin, Ohio.

A unique climbing semi circle on the larger play set. It has metal bars at the top that you can stand on.

Climbing structure at Scioto Park playground in Dublin, Ohio.
Rock climbing structure at Scioto Park.

Climb to the top of the tallest structure in the middle with the rungs

A tall climbing structure at the park.

Slide down a super steep slide

Steep slide at the playground at Scioto Park.

A picnic pavilion with a super cool climbable tree beside

A picnic shelter at Scioto Park.

Volleyball net in a large open field

Birds eye view of Scioto Park.

Sit at a bench by the Scioto river and look for nature and enjoy the quiet view

Scioto River views in the park.

A small set of swings

Swings at the playground.

A twisty slide

Playground structure with twisty slide at Scioto Park.

A telescope to look out of

A telescope on the playground.
A child looking through the telescope.

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