Scioto Park and Leatherlips Monument 🗿

Scioto Park and Leatherlips Monument 🗿
7377 Riverside Dr. Dublin

I wanted to check out the Chief Leatherlips stone statue and learn his story. We were happy to also find a cute little park by the Scioto River.

🗿Chief Leatherlips was fun to explore and you can also go behind the statue and stand for a picture. Little ones will need a boost.

🎭A natural amphitheater that is fun to create a play or just climb around

💕The playground is for ages 5-12, it has 2 play structures with varying skill levels

🧗‍♀️A unique climbing semi circle on the larger play set. It has metal bars at the top that you can stand on.

✅Climb to the top of the tallest structure in the middle with the rungs

⚠️Slide down a super steep slide, I could not believe that my daughter just did it! Or choose other less dangerous slides

🐜A picnic pavilion with a super cool climbable tree beside

🚽Bathrooms are closest to Chief Leatherlips but are accessible by steps or trail up a small hill

🏐 Volleyball net in a large open field

🌳Sit at a bench by the Scioto river and look for nature and enjoy the quiet view

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