Henceroth Park, Grove City, Ohio

Henceroth Park in Grove City was remodeled in 2023! If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can see some of the old features in this blog post! It was a favorite of my kids with the big vehicles to play on! But, nevertheless, this post will show you what the updated playground at Henceroth Park has to offer!

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  • Address: 2075 Mallow Ln, Grove City, OH 43123
  • Website

Features of Henceroth Park include:

A small playground area geared toward ages 5 and up

The main playground structure at Henceroth Park in Grove City, Ohio.

Various climbing options

Climbing options at Henceroth Park.
Two boys on the playground.

Two baby/toddler swings

Toddler swings at Henceroth Park.

Two Regular size swings

Two boys on regular swings at Henceroth Park.

A bumpy slide

Main playground structure at the park.

A wide slide for races!

A wide, grey slide at Henceroth Park in Grove City.

Lots of rope climbing!

A wide view of Henceroth Park playground.

Rope climbing with a seat in the middle!

A boy sitting on a seat in the middle of a rope climber at the park.

Henceroth Park is a fun one for kids who like to climb, but maybe not the best for toddlers. Check out this list of playgrounds in Grove City or these playgrounds for toddlers in Columbus for more ideas!