Gantz Park, Grove City, Ohio

Gantz Park in Grove City was recently updated and the nature decor is great! There is also a natural play area, a super clean creek and the fastest hill slide we’ve encountered! Hang on for a bumpy and speedy ride!

There are play areas for ages 2 and up at Gantz Park. The park is also home to a shelter house and the Gardens at Gantz, a garden area featuring historical gardens and sculptures. See more details on this list of fun things to do in Grove City to plan your visit!

  • Address: 2255 Home Rd, Grove City, OH 43123
  • Restrooms Available

Features of the playground at Gantz Park include:

A large covered slide

Playground structure at Gantz Park in Grove City, Ohio.

Climbing options

Boy on climbing ropes at Gantz Park.

A play structure for toddlers that features slides and interactive elements

A toddler play area at Gantz Park in Grove City.

A natural play area with logs and monkey bars

Monkey bars and logs to climb on at Gantz Park.

A round swing for multiple children

A round swing at Gantz Park.

Mushrooms to climb on!

Play mushrooms to climb on in the park.

A play area with umbrellas for shade is always nice!

A large play structure at Gantz Park.

A climbing structure with interesting features

A boy climbing on playground equipment at Gantz Park.

A three-person slide

Three slides next to each other at Gantz Park.

Leaves to climb on

A child climbing on a climber that looks like tree leaves.

Twisty, covered slides

Two tall, twisty slides at Gantz Park.

Rock climbing for young kids

Rock climbing at Gantz Park.

A cute frog to climb up to get to the slide

A rubber frog on the playground at Gantz Park.

Lots of regular swings

Swings at Gantz Park in Grove City.

A creek for exploring

The creek at Gantz Park.

A large slide built into the ground! This is the fast one!

A boy going down the large slide at Gantz Park in Grove City.
The large slide built into the ground at Gantz park.

This is a fun park to visit in Grove City! If you need more, check out this list of playgrounds in Grove City, Ohio! Follow us on Instagram at @614parks for more park ideas!