DeMonye’s Haunted House and More!

DeMonye’s Greenhouse Haunted House and More!  👻

2500 Airport Dr. Columbus

We checked the haunted greenhouse out today.  It had way more than I thought it would have.  Word to the wise, wait until it cools down a bit, it was hot(not sure what I was thinking) but we had the entire place to ourselves.   All my girls had fun and they loved the animals. 


$8.95 per child and $2.50 per adult

Each child gets a small pumpkin, juice, popcorn, treat bag(a sweet surprise!) 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family games(corn hole, pop a shot, catapult into witches brew, pumpkin tic tac toe, photo op boards, stop the zombies bean bag toss, ball tic tac toe, monster can toss, monster bowling with a brain, spooky’s garage, ride ons) 

🙌🏼Bounce houses(a larger pumpkin and smaller blue house)

👍🏻Straw maze

👻Haunted house

🐷Small farm animals(pigs, chicks, bunnies)

🌽Corn box play area 

🏰2 mini haunted castles with slides

My oldest loves haunted houses!
This one scared her 🤣
I just love piglet wagging tails