Goldfish Instructors-Life Lessons Learned

Goldfish Swim School 🏊🏻‍♀️

We’ve had a variety of instructors with 3 girls in lessons.  We have our favorites, which by fluke chance have had all 3 girls at one point(whoop whoop).  What I can tell you is that they each have played an integral part is shaping swim in my girls. 

The different styles of teaching as well as personalities have helped my girls in many ways.  Here’s a few you might not link to swimming.

💦Interacting with new personalities brings great benefits to everyone – especially kids. It teaches them to adapt to new people and situations. It teaches them resilience, and to welcome change. Life lessons can be learned in small ways.  

💦Having a new instructor also provides new learning opportunities for your child. Maybe the fresh teacher has a different energy level, or words of encouragement, or special bond with your child that allows for a GOLDEN experience.

💦Sometimes children reach a plateau in their learning and a new instructor may be just what they need to get over that hurdle and advance to the next level. So true with my oldest! 

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