Young’s Jersey Dairy

Young’s Jersey Dairy

6880 Xenia Springfield Rd. Yellow Springs

I’ve had this adventure on our to do list for quite some time.  Now I get to tell you all about it!  I wanted to try the double buckeye sundae and was shocked at the number of other activities to experience.  Family fun! 

Barrel rides, 2 mini golf courses, a tall fast slide(fair kind), kiddie corral, farm animals(the babies are adorable!), tractor and tires to climb, batting cages, driving range, pick a pumpkin from the patch, famous cheese curds, more delicious food, and homemade ice cream to top it off! 

I have more photos than I can count and you’re going to want to scroll below.

🍦We all scream for ice cream, especially the homemade kind!

They make all of their own ice cream right on the farm. The ice cream is made from a 15% butterfat mix (pasteurized milk, cream, and sugar mixture). 15% butterfat ice cream is very rich in taste. It has a smooth, creamy texture and blends well with many flavors.

Nearby, there are lots of other fun things to do with kids in Yellow Springs!

The new building!
They love the goats!
Aww, baby Jersey cow.
The fit right in…
These tractors were used on the farm and are now retired for fun.
Perfect photo op!
The cows are strategically placed for kid fun. Each is decorated differently.
Take a wagon ride by tractor to the corn maze
Teeter totter!
Batting cages
Driving ranges
Moovers and Shakers
You have to learn to put your hands up in the tunnel. Our girls participated in the 2nd ride 😉😉
Our cute tour guide…
Most of the time, our girls don’t play mini golf. The thought out course with lots of details kept them playing. And I’ve heard the landscaping is pretty once everything comes out in Spring.
The magic hole, you my just have to wait for it.
My girls loved the blue water!
Can you spot the cow in the fountain?
I’m not a big fan of cole slaw, but you must try theirs!
There are the famous cheese curds!
Their homemade cheese makes that omelet.
Decisions, decisions, decisions…
Homeade, once again…
Holy moly!!!
Cow patty 😂
There she is…
Or a classic creamy chocolate!
Thanks for your milk.