Splash Pads and Beyond💦

With the warmer weather I wanted to share a few splash pads to start summer break off right for the kids.  Get out there!
***Just a word to the wise, people are now taking toys to these areas, so if your child will be distracted, you may want to take along a bucket, paintbrush, cup, balls, etc.

See all the pictures in the links provided!

1. Creekside Gahanna 🦆
101 Mill St. Gahanna

Creekside is very pretty and has some fun frugal family activities. This option is different than most options as it has other things to do as well.

💦Splashable water wall without getting soaked, if you choose

***DEAL***🚨 Paddleboat rides are only $5 a boat for 30 mins. It was a lot of fun!  There is also a mini house to play in
🦆Feed the ducks and go creeking
👣Nice paved paths through the woods and natural stones placed in shade perfect for a picnic, or sit on the rocks by the creek
🍨Coldstone Creamery is a fun stop 

Creekside Gahanna 🌿🦆🛶

2. Hanby Park-Westerville 💦🧗🏻‍♀️
115 E Park St. Westerville

This park is brand spankin’ new! It was a nice option to throw into the mix of our regulars.

💦A splash pad area with comfy swings to watch the kids
👍🏻The tower is nothing like I’ve seen before. It is very tall, suggested age is 6-12 years. My oldest(4.5) was able to climb the inclined rope ladder up, but you have to climb down another section to get to the slide. She needed assistance, just a heads up!
👶🏻A baby and regular swing combo, the best invention ever, along with normal swings
🙌🏼A grass hill to climb, my youngest daughter’s favorite
👧🏻A smaller bridge and slide for the younger kids
🐜A picnic pavilion and large shade trees for a nice picnic

Hanby Park-Westerville 💦🧗🏻‍♀️

3. Hilliard Station Park💦
4021 Main St. Hilliard

We visited this splash pad for the first time this year. You should also stop by Coffee Connections across the street to check out some local merchandise and get a fun drink. They run kid specials often.

🎵Music plays for an entertaining time for parents
☀A small hill with artificial grass is a fun tactile experience and comfy to lay on
💡The lights in splash area are fun


4. Powell Splash Pad and Playground 💧
‪47 Hall St. Powell‬
💦An open area to play and splash area-buckets of water, a tunnel, a spray gun and smaller sprayers
👧🏻Both play areas are tailored to varying ages including a (train tracks are also close to the playground so you might see a real one too), tunnel to crawl in, wobbly ladders, a ride on airplane and much more
🐜Picnic tables are aplenty, we enjoy eating by the pond under the Willow tree
🌳A pretty landscape all around with lots of flowers, trees, and bugs to explore
-Powell has a ton of cute shops that appeal to everyone on your Christmas list, make a day out of this trip

Powell Splash Pad and Playground 💦

5. Veteran’s Park Splash Pad 💧
1121 South Houk Rd Delaware, OH
💦A splash pad and a playground all in one, a day adventure!
⛱Adirondack chairs and shade for parents by the splash pad
👧🏼Play areas for older and younger kids
🧗🏻‍♀️A climber’s dream playground
🌭A concession stand for a special treat and two large picnic table areas in shade
🚽Clean facilitates
P.S. water sensors don’t turn on until 10.


6. Bicentennial Park 💦
233 S Civic Center Drive Columbus
This is way bigger than I thought! I had been putting it off because the drive and I thought it might be dirty. I was pleasantly surprised!
👧🏻Great for all ages, just have to watch the little ones from collisions
👷🏻‍♂️Employees enforce rules if needed
🏙An awesome open space right in the city
🌇Great views and nice photo opportunities
🌈Rainbows in the water on a sunny day
-Super clean area and bathrooms

Bicentennial Park💦-Columbus

7. Pop-up Fountains 

@ Easton Town Center

160 Easton Town Center, Columbus

Located in the Town Square at Easton, these fun fountains are a nice way to cool off on a hot day. They aren’t super busy most weekdays and you can check out the model train set beside. There are benches and a few small tables for a nice picnic, or bring a blanket to lounge on.

Tall water fountains to splash in and play the day away

A fun model train to watch in the shade beside the Fountains

Benches and a few little tables for a nice picnic spot, also some shade to relax in

Afterwards, feel free to borrow a complimentary towel to dry the kids off on Saturdays and Sundays

Clean facilities not far away, on the side by The Brio Restaurant

Pop-up Fountains at Easton Town Center 💦

8. Nature’s Splash Pad-Shale Hollow Preserve

6320 Artesian Run, Lewis Center

This is the clearest and cleanest water we have played in for a creek. It’s also shaded, pretty and tranquil. There is a natural play area in the same area as well to build a stick tee pee and explore. Also, a fun wobbly bridge and a log picnic table for a fun lunch.

Nature’s Splash Pad-Shale Hollow

9. Fryer Park Splash Pad and Playground

3600 Discovery Drive, Grove City

We have never seen a mini water slide at a splash pad before. There is also a unique space playground and climbing area within walking distance as well. Your kids are going to love all the space!

Fryer Park Splash Pad and Playground-Grove City 🚀

10. Inniswood Metro Gardens🌺

940 S Hempstead Rd Westerville

🚂 A plesant surprise to us today, volunteers have this train track set up on Sat and Sun 11-4 if weather permits.

🐸 Lots of nature integrated into the play areas, including stepping stones through the frog bog. A secret garden with a vine tunnel and a crane fountain.

🌲An awesome tree house and wobbly bridge

💦 A splash mill with dividers to redirect water flow

Inniswoods Metro Garden 🌺-Westerville

11. Blackburn Splash Pad 

263 Carpenter St. Columbus

Today was our first visit to this splash pad. It’s fairly new and super close to downtown Columbus. The splash pad is gated which is nice for the kids that like to run. It’s a great option to rotate in the splash pad mix!

Blackburn Splash Pad 💦-Columbus

12. The Children’s Garden at Franklin Park Conservatory 

1777 E Broad St. Columbus

Plan ahead and bring an extra clothes for the rock stream, this was a huge surprise! It was tiered and had varying depth levels and had a drizzling rock edge to splash in.

The Children’s Garden-Franklin Park Conservatory 🌱


Creeking and Natural Play Area 💦

@ Highbanks Metro Park

9466 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center

A natural splash pad with beautiful views. We bought fish nets and our girls were so excited! My oldest daughter enjoyed the ‘rainbow rocks’, and my youngest just enjoyed the calm water to splash in. As summer comes to an end, you’ll want to check this area out.

Scroll for pictures of the creek, natural play area and an additional playground, along with all the details.

Also, don’t leave without checking out the nature center.


👣How to get there?

Drive to the Big Meadows Picnic Area and walk straight across the open field from the restrooms, enter the path in the woods past the natural play area. Once you get to the path intersection, turn left. Continue walking until the creek becomes rocky and more shallow, you’ll know when you get there.

14. And the fountain at Polaris Mall by The Cheesecake Factory.