Creeking and Natural Play Area @ Highbanks Metro Park

Creeking and Natural Play Area 💦
@ Highbanks Metro Park
9466 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center

A natural splash pad with beautiful views. We bought fish nets and our girls were so excited! My oldest daughter enjoyed the ‘rainbow rocks’, and my youngest just enjoyed the calm water to splash in. As summer comes to an end, you’ll want to check this area out.

Scroll for pictures of the creek, natural play area and an additional playground, along with all the details.

Also, don’t leave without checking out the nature center.

👣How to get there?
Drive to the Big Meadows Picnic Area and walk straight across the open field from the restrooms, enter the path in the woods past the natural play area. Once you get to the path intersection, turn left. Continue walking until the creek becomes rocky and more shallow, you’ll know when you get there.

🌳Natural play area to build a tee pee with large sticks, climb a tree and dig in mud

A divided playground for varying age groups-

👦🏻The larger playground has 2 slides(tunnel and twisty slide), larger steps up, and a coiled ladder. Underneath there are spinning animals to match and other toys to explore

👧🏽The smaller playground has a ramp to walk up to a double slide and steps to climb up and down, steering wheel, spin-able math problems and another spin-able toy.

🤙🏻6 swings to catch a breeze

🐜Picnic pavilions with charcoal grills, new picnic tables under large shade trees and lush grass for a picnic blanket. Make it a day trip!