Pop-up Fountains at Easton Town Center 💦

Pop-up Fountains 💦
@ Easton Town Center
160 Easton Town Center, Columbus

Located in the Town Square at Easton, these fun fountains are a nice way to cool off on a hot day. They aren’t super busy most weekdays and you can check out the model train set beside. There are benches and a few small tables for a nice picnic, or bring a blanket to lounge on.

💦Tall water fountains to splash in and play the day away

🚂A fun model train to watch in the shade beside the Fountains

🐜Benches and a few little tables for a nice picnic spot, also some shade to relax in

👍🏻Afterwards, feel free to borrow a complimentary towel to dry the kids off on Saturdays and Sundays

🚽Clean facilities not far away, on the side by The Brio Restaurant

📍The fountain area will be closed each Wednesday at 4:30 PM for the set up of our concerts. Fountain levels are lowered daily from 5:30-8:30 PM for dining ambience.