Playground @ St. John Neumann Catholic Church-Sunbury

St. John Neumann Catholic Church 

9633 E State Route 37, Sunbury

I saw this park in one of my follower’s pictures and had to know where this gem was, thanks Ashley!  My oldest couldn’t get enough of the motorcycle with sidecar bouncy ride on, my middle loved all the climbing options and the toy trucks, my youngest loved the train with small slide and mini tree house. Pair it with the haunted house at Sambuca’s Greenhouse and you have a day adventure, enjoy. 

🏍2 wobbly ride ons, spaceship and motorcycle with sidecar

🧗🏻‍♂️Dome climber with standing circle with rope climbs

👍🏻Rope agility prism

🌈Noah’s Ark play structure

🙌🏼Large playground with lots of bells and whistles 

👶🏼For younger kids-

Train with wide steps and slide 

Small scale treehouse

👍🏻Swings for all abilities 

🚛Small toy trucks to play with

👊🏼Plenty of benches to relax on

💃🏻Neos Dance theater