Memorial Play Cafe-Memorial Baptist

Memorial Baptist Play Cafe

2435 Eakin Rd. Columbus

Tuesdays 10 AM-12 PM

Ages 5 and under

September-November and January-May

So much to play!  They even have table set up for Moms and coffee and muffins.  Say what?  The staff was engaging with the kids, and I one point I saw my middle daughter dragging one member to play with her(parents with more than one kid know how nice this really is!). And did I say FREE! 

Activities change from week to week, but this is what we experienced today. 

🎵Mini sing-a-long session with Miss Ruby

🔨Tool bench

👑Dress up clothes

📚Bean bag chairs with books

👶🏻Baby toys

👍🏻Foam building blocks

🙌🏼Picasso tiles on a mini picnic table

🚂Train table

🌽Kitchen with play food


👧🏼Mini slide with steps


👏🏼Tons of ride ons, grocery carts, strollers and a scooter