Community Play Cafe at DNA Community Center

We heard about the DNA Community Center from our new friends at Memorial Baptist Play Cafe.  I was very impressed with everything they provide to local Moms and wanted to help spread the word.  I joined their cooking class during our visit.  Help me spread the word!  

DNA Community Center (Daily Needs Assistance) offers resources and programming for moms. Moms in Community Play Cafe is every Thursday from 10:00-12:00. Our program provides programming specifically for, but not limited to, moms who are in poverty or low-income. To that end, our weekly event will always offer a learning component: healthy cooking classes; CPR instruction; budgeting on a dime; etc. Our goal is to build intentional relationships with moms who are coming out of addiction or are caught in systemic poverty. Creating a safe community for our moms to learn, and make supportive friends is our goal and to that end, all moms are welcome! 

Our Heads Up Girlfriend (H.U.G.) Pregnancy Resource Center is open monthly on the last Saturday of the month. Moms needing baby equipment, nursing supplies, and other pregnancy related resources can come from 3:00 – 5:00 to pick up needed items and enjoy a hot meal. We offer Community Baby Showers to women in our local area who do not have support. 

DNA Community Center is located at 340 W. Main Street in Plain City. We are on the east end of the old elementary school. For more information visit our website at

My youngest left me to find Ms. Monica. She loved playing with her while I cooked.