🎃Pigeon Roost Farm and Great Pumpkin Fun Center-Hebron

🎃Pigeon Roost Farm and Great Pumpkin Fun Center(4413 National Rd SW Hebron)

Holy Cow 🐮 This place is huge! I was so impressed! This is a must go to pumpkin patch and fun for the kids. Super friendly staff😁

Let them know I sent you!

💕Fun for all ages, parents included! I really enjoyed the ninja warrior section and the triple slide

👍🏻So many activities it is going to be hard to write it all see at bottom 😉
Hayrides and pumpkins of coarse

🌳Enchanted Forest with a a dragon, tree house, ninja warrior course, tire swings, photo op boards, and a horse and tractor swing made out of tires

🐐Goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, alpaca, and pigeons

👛Cute little shopping areas broken up by Halloween, bath, bees, kids kitchen and home

🍩Pumpkin donuts by the half dozen and other refreshments

* The Triple Treat Slide – NEW!
* Rumble Bee Slide – NEW!-my daughter’s favorite!!
* Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course – NEW!
* Straw Barn – NEW!
* 2017 Corn Maze – NEW!
* Little Kids Football and Softball Throws – NEW!
* Fort Pigeon Roost
* Tire Play Arena
* Tree Fort with Slide & Climbing Wall
* Expanded Enchanted Forest with Obstacle Course
* Stationary Giant Gerbil Wheels
* Ropin’ Roundup
* Hop-a-Long Corral
* Pigeon Roost Football and Softball Throws
* Hillside Rooster Racers & Turkey Tube Slides Fall Frontier
* Pumpkin Express Train, Creepy Teepee Tunnel & Conestoga Corn Box

12 thoughts on “🎃Pigeon Roost Farm and Great Pumpkin Fun Center-Hebron”

  1. Really enjoyed going here last year! Hope to make it out again (Ohio weather pending lol). There really is something for EVERYONE!

    1. No charge to visit market produce area and shops. Great Pumpkin Fun Center, which includes acres of activities, Corn Maze and all the animals is $7. per person age 2 and older.

    1. Yes! I have 15 month old too. Lots of tunnels, little slides, bouncy horses, cars, swings, hayride and animals.

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