🎃Pigeon Roost Farm and Great Pumpkin Fun Center-Hebron

🎃Pigeon Roost Farm and Great Pumpkin Fun Center(4413 National Rd SW Hebron)

Holy Cow 🐮 This place is huge! I was so impressed! This is a must go to pumpkin patch and fun for the kids. Super friendly staff😁

Let them know I sent you!

💕Fun for all ages, parents included! I really enjoyed the ninja warrior section and the triple slide

👍🏻So many activities it is going to be hard to write it all see at bottom 😉
Hayrides and pumpkins of coarse

🌳Enchanted Forest with a a dragon, tree house, ninja warrior course, tire swings, photo op boards, and a horse and tractor swing made out of tires

🐐Goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, alpaca, and pigeons

👛Cute little shopping areas broken up by Halloween, bath, bees, kids kitchen and home

🍩Pumpkin donuts by the half dozen and other refreshments

* The Triple Treat Slide – NEW!
* Rumble Bee Slide – NEW!-my daughter’s favorite!!
* Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course – NEW!
* Straw Barn – NEW!
* 2017 Corn Maze – NEW!
* Little Kids Football and Softball Throws – NEW!
* Fort Pigeon Roost
* Tire Play Arena
* Tree Fort with Slide & Climbing Wall
* Expanded Enchanted Forest with Obstacle Course
* Stationary Giant Gerbil Wheels
* Ropin’ Roundup
* Hop-a-Long Corral
* Pigeon Roost Football and Softball Throws
* Hillside Rooster Racers & Turkey Tube Slides Fall Frontier
* Pumpkin Express Train, Creepy Teepee Tunnel & Conestoga Corn Box

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  1. Really enjoyed going here last year! Hope to make it out again (Ohio weather pending lol). There really is something for EVERYONE!

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