Pickerington Library 📚

Pickerington Library📚

201 Opportunity Way, Pickerington

We checked out the Toddler Time since we were in town for an appointment.  They also had a craft following and lots of fun and educational toys to explore afterwards.  The pirate boat in the fish tank was enjoyed by all my girls. 

Click here to see what you can explore…

💡Light table with Picasso tiles and letters 


👍🏻Lego table

🖐🏾Handprint wall board

🙂Magnetic board to create faces

🔴Taller ball mazes

🙌🏼Lots of puzzles 

🐸Wall decoration with bead mazes

🚽A family restroom decked out with the cutest little toilet, my middle daughter squealed when she saw it and was motivated to try