Blacklick Woods Nature Center 🐢

This was our first visit to the nature center at Blacklick Woods and it didn’t disappoint.  I wish we had more time to explore!  We’re definitely going back soon since we have moved to the East side. 

Drive to the back of the park. Take a short walk on the path to the nature center.  Be prepared for some happy kids 😁

🔎🔍Binoculars with an awesome row of windows to spot all kinds of wildlife

🐢A huge tank to spy turtles, crawdads and more!

🌳Lots of nature displays to get hand on learning

👍🏻A cute little play area with a variety of activities from babies(wooden mini activity cube)to older kids

✋Puppet theater with a lot of puppet choices

🖍Coloring at a cute little table

🦋Magnifying glasses with real butterflies and moths to view

🐸A snake, frogs, turtles and more live wildlife

⚙️Flowers, gears, blocks, puzzles and more to play with

📚A mini library to read about nature

🔥Not pictured-A covered set Adirondack chairs around a fire pit outside