McCorkle Park, Gahanna, Ohio

A portion of McCorkle Park in Gahanna was recently remodeled to include more accessible features! This playground has a lot of features that I have never seen at any other parks around Columbus!

There are a lot of really cool playgrounds in Gahanna, and several are pretty close to each other including this one, Friendship Park, Ambassador Commons Park and Sunpoint Park. If you plan a trip, check out this list of things to do in Gahanna to make a fun day out of it!

The playground is in what is considered Upper McCorkle Park. There is a large parking lot at the address below.

  • Address: 200 McCutcheon Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230
  • Website
  • Restrooms available

Features of McCorkle Park include:

A unique play structure with multiple climbing options

Play structure at McCorkle Park in Gahanna, Ohio.

A climbing wall takes you up to the slide. (P.S. restrooms are located in the building you see behind this structure in the picture below!)

Climbing wall at Upper McCorkle Playground.

Monkey bars to swing from one end to the other

Monkey bars at the park.

A slide to make your way down from the top

A grey slide on the main play structure in the park.

A unique teeter-totter that I have never seen before!

Two boys on a teeter-totter at McCorkle Park in Gahanna.

A ground level merry-go-round that requires you to turn the wheel in order to move – this one was really fun for my kids!

A boy on the merry-go-round at McCorkle Park.

A 3D net climber

A net climber at the playground.

A swingset with multiple swing options

A set of 7 different kinds of swings at McCorkle Park.

Including an accessible swing and a face-to-face swing for toddlers

An accessible swing and a face-to-face swing.

and a saucer swing

A saucer swing at Upper McCorkle Park.

There are two areas of McCorkle Park Playground, but they are right next to each other. This newer area says it is for ages 2-12 and it includes a really wide slide, the swings, and a playhouse (see below)! It is a combination of rubber turf and mulch.

A wide, accessible slide at the playground.

Toddlers will love this cute playhouse at McCorkle Park!

A playhouse for toddlers.

There are interactive elements inside the playhouse.

Interactive features inside the play house at McCorkle Park.

There is a table outside that opens up to a window.

A walk-up window at the play house.

And a tunnel entrance/exit

A tunnel entrance to the playhouse.

If you need even more ideas, another fun park in Gahanna is Woodside Green! Make sure to follow us @614parks on Instagram!