Ambassador Commons Park, Gahanna, Ohio

Ambassador Commons Park in Gahanna was remodeled in 2024 and it is a playground that has a little bit of something for all ages!

This playground is in a neighborhood park so there is no parking lot. Parking is available on the street nearby. This playground is covered in mulch and there is no restroom available.

  • Address: 639 Gahanna Highlands Dr, Gahanna, OH 43230
  • Website

In my mind, the playground goes in a little bit of a circle. Kids could do some of the structures as an obstacle course starting with the stepping stones and going across the rock walls, ropes and balance beams!

Features of Ambassador Commons Park include:

A couple of different play areas for various ages

The playground at Ambassador Commons Park in Gahanna, Ohio.

Lots of stepping stones and logs for kids to hop from one to the next

A boy on the playground at Ambassador Commons.

Rock wall climbing options and gymnastic rings

A boy on the rock climbing wall at Ambassador Commons Park in Gahanna.

Walls and bars to climb

A boy playing on the playground at Ambassador Commons.

Lots of climbing options at Ambassador Commons Park!

A climbing structure at the park.

A large play structure with multiple ways to climb to the top

A large play structure at Ambassador Commons Park.

Ropes to climb across to the slide

A boy climbing across the ropes at Ambassador Commons Park.

A tall slide

A boy going down a tall slide.

A double slide and a twisty slide that aren’t quite as tall

A small twisty slide and a double slide at the playground.

A small rubber hammock for sitting or balancing

A boy going down the slide.

An area off to the side with toddler-sized equipment

A play jeep and a small playhouse for toddlers at the park.

A play jeep for kids to climb on and pretend to drive

A play, metal jeep.

A small toddler-sized playhouse with a small fire pole

A small playhouse for toddlers at Ambassador Commons Park in Gahanna.

The toddler house also has a small, perfectly-sized slide and a tunnel to crawl through.

A side view of the playhouse.

Inside the playhouse

Inside view of the playhouse.

A gaga pit

A gaga pit at the park.

A small swing set with different kinds of swings

A boy on the swings at the park.

Including a toddler swing and a face-to-face swing

A face-to-face swing and a toddler swing at the park.

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