Closed-!!!Giveaway!!!-Kuhlwein’s Farm Market and Deli


Kuhlwein’s Farm Market and Deli πŸŽƒ
1859 Walker Rd. Hilliard

Family 4 Pack for a great day of pumpkin fun!

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***To Enter***
1. Comment with what your family would like most during the visit
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56 thoughts on “Closed-!!!Giveaway!!!-Kuhlwein’s Farm Market and Deli”

  1. My kids love finding the perfect pumpkin! They also like seeing the animals up close.

  2. My 4 year old loves pumpkins and hayrides!! Just to be together as a family is what is best for us!!!

  3. Actually headed out to go here in a few minutes. My kids love picking than perfect pumpkins

  4. We would love the hayride, picking pumpkins and shopping at the market! Kids are getting older (10 and almost 9) so I am not sure how many more times I will get to do this with willing participants!

  5. The pumpkin patch is my kiddos favorite part of the experience. Closely followed by the tractor ride to and from the patch. I’m hoping she enjoys the corn maze this year!

    I’d like to add my friend, Ashley Williams to the contest. πŸ™‚

  6. We loved the whole experience last year, especially the animals at the end. It was great family time and the grandparents enjoyed it too.

    I’d like to add Jordan Showalter to the contest.

  7. My 18 month old daughter is into farm animals and automobiles (i.e. car, trucks, etc.) right now so she would loooooove getting to see the animals up close and getting the opportunity to touch them, and then the hayride; and of course, wrapping up the day at the deli and getting a bite to eat!!

  8. We would love to pick a pumpkin and enjoy a hayride! Paula McCombs and Roxy Bennett would you like to join us?

  9. We have learned that my 13 month old son LOVES pumpkins! He squeals with delight every time he see one!

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