Earth Day 2020

It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day tomorrow.  What a great way to let the Earth bounce back from us living in it, a quarantine relief.  I wanted to share some ways your family can learn and enjoy our planet.  It only takes a little effort across many people to make an impact.  Just imagine if everyone started doing a few more! I had so many great ways provided to me that I compiled them for you here.

🗒Think Globally, Act Locally

At Ohio Wildlife Center, we bridge the gap between people and wildlife every day as we rescue and rehabilitate Ohio wildlife at our hospital, educate our community, and offer solutions for living in harmony with nature through SCRAM! Wildlife Control.

For ways to celebrate Earth Day in Central Ohio, here are some ideas:

• Go on a wildflower hike and learn about what you find – Ohio Wildflowers

• Host a backyard bird count and list the visiting species you see 

• Set up a water source in your yard for animals this summer

• Go on a neighborhood “litter hunt” and collect harmful plastics and trash 

• Turn off porch lights and bright outdoor lights to make it safer for birds during spring migration

🌳What can I observe in the outdoors?

There are tons of activities(book readings, crafts, outdoor sensing activities and more!)

🦅This booklet is designed to provide educators with a method of presenting important wildlife concepts while encouraging creative thinking. It is intended that each teacher will copy appropriate concepts to distribute to the class. It is not intend- ed to be given to each student as a coloring book. 

The following wildlife concepts are in no specific order. They address the relationships between animals and their environment and the interde- 

pendence between wildlife and people. Educators should choose those pages appropriate for existing programs and use them to initiate a better under- standing of wildlife conservation. 

Additional educational materials are avail- able through the Division of Wildlife’s Education Section and through the Wildlife District office nearest you. 

Wildlife Concepts Imagination Book

🌲Columbus Recreation and Parks is celebrating the 50thAnnual Earth Day through April 25!

#VirtualEarthDayCbus offers a wonderful way to explore the great outdoors and win prizes when you share your finds!

Prizes include: 
• Earth Day T-Shirts and gift certificates from HOMAGE 
• Signed Columbus Blue Jackets items
• Roosters Wings Bucks

To enter, post a photo or a screenshot from the iNaturalist app. Don’t forget to tag @ColumbusRecParks and include the hashtag #VirtualEarthDayCbus.

Visit Columbus Recreation and Parks Facebook page for ideas and more information!

🐻Virtual Parks Tours

PBS had these fun activities too.

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