Contemporary Art Center 🖼-Cincinnati

Contemporary Art Center
44 E 6th St. Cincinnati

FREE! Say what? On our day trip to the aquarium, we explored a little bit of Cincy. This was a fun place to view art and also play in art for kids. My girl’s favorite was the rockin’ trailer.

🔦Grab a flashlight and shine it at the sensors on the ceiling to create music

🦄Lay down under a magical pink piece of art on comfy mats

🌈Play in the mirror lights

🔘Push buttons on a large cube to light up the squares and make a noise

☑️Wobble in a fun enclosed chair

🤘🏻Rock in the trailer(huh hum, carriage according to my daughter)

🤗Touch, hug, explore structures, just don’t lick or climb

🖼Place pieces on a giant picture to make your own art

🌛Watch a chair spin super fast, enter the dark room and see a moon’s eye blink and then sing in French