Newport Aquarium🦈

Newport Aquarium 🦈
1 Aquarium Way, Newport KY

It’s a short 2 hour drive to have a great day trip. We love visiting to see all the fish, seahorses, stingrays, crocodiles, sharks, penguins and other reptiles. Then throw in the Shark Bridge and Frog Bog and you’re set!

🎅🏻Scuba Santa can be seen now and they also have mermaids in the tanks on other dates

🐸Frog Bog to explore by pushing buttons, looking for reptiles, and playing in the tiered play gym

⭐️Touch sharks(the safe kind), stingrays, sea cucumbers and starfish

🙌🏻Climb through the tunnel under the stingray exhibit for a cool view if the stingrays swimming and pop your head up in the port hole

🐠Be surrounded by fish while you walk through the tube tunnels

🦈Get a cool view of the sharks and turtles above by adventuring through the rope shark bridge. Face Your Fears!

Wishing whale

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