Comfort Inn Splash Harbor💦-Roadtrip!

Comfort Inn Splash Harbor 💦
15 mins from Mansfield
855 Comfort Plaza Drive Bellville, OH

Roadtrip! We decided to explore a short drive from us. We haven’t been to a hotel with a water park area before, so we decided to try Splash Harbor. Stay tuned for a few more kid friendly stops in the next few days!

👶🏻A nice sized baby pool for little ones, it gets deeper as you walk to the ladder into the big pool

🏊🏻‍♀️A decent sized big pool

🏀Basketball hoops with a range of balls

⭐A starfish float to climb on and float

🙌🏻Two hot tubs, one for kids and one for adults

⛵A pirate ship spray playground with buckets, a wheel to steer and spraying palm trees

👍🏻A super fun water slide, it gave my daughters the biggest smiles with giggles

🎮A game room with quite a few options

🥐A free breakfast to start your day of more adventures the next day

👣Note to self, take flip flops to wear to the pool!

📍My daughter has sensitive skin, she had a rash after a day of swimming. The rest of my family was fine. It was gone by morning after a bath and lotion. I did ask the Manager and they keep the chlorine at the lowest levels the State Health Dept. allows.

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