April Fool’s Day

Here are some easy ideas I’ve used over the years.  Please let me know your favorites to add to my list. 

This year I’m going to draw silly things on their face while they sleep so they discover in the morning when they wake up. And I’m going to make a bush outside a marshmallow bush(by poking marshmallows on the end of the branches).  

👍🏻Bubble Wrap Under Rug

👩🏻‍🍳Brown E’s=Brownies

We gave a friend a special treat for the holiday.  

👟Shoes too small

Stuff tissues in the toes of shoes.  My middle daughter really thought her feet grew overnight. 

🧃Jello juice

I gave my girls juice with lunch, and little did they know that it looked different.  It was a good laugh and a great dessert!  Another option is to freeze milk. 

🕷Spider on toilet paper

Draw a spider on the edge of the toilet paper.  It truly does make you look twice.  

👀Eyeballs in the fridge

Get that glue gun out and stick eyeballs on items in the fridge. 

💩Pretend poop

Take a toilet paper roll and wet and form into a believable shape. 

🥕Replace tootsie rolls with carrot sticks and add a fly or spider(those rings from Halloween work great). 

*A few other tricks we have tried are Oreos with toothpaste and cupcakes topped with with mustard(or mayo) frosting. 

Poop Cookies

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