🚗Roadtrip-Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
10 Children’s Way, Pittsburgh

This was our second visit to this museum, we just love their exhibits! If you have a Thomas the Train fan or Pigeon fan now is the time to visit. There is so much to do at that I have over 60 pictures and tons of details.

🚂Thomas and Friends-Explore the Rails-through Sept 9th.
Explore engine inner workings, get a picture with a giant Thomas the Tank Engine model, use oversized tools to help Percy fix his wobbly wheel, wear a conductor’s uniform to organize the train schedule and sell tickets at Knapford Station, repair train parts and learn how a steam engine work, sort and fit freight onto the train car, play at a large train table, and explore the sensory wall engines

🐦The Pigeon Comes to Pittsburgh-
through Sept. 2nd
Have a hilarious conversation in the voices of Elephant Gerald and Piggie at a double-sided phone booth, help Elephant and Piggie dance with old-time animation, wear a bus and take a drive around the exhibit, spin the laundromat washing machine and uncover Knuffle Bunny and other surprises, dress up your Naked Mole Rat and send him down the runway for a one-of-a-kind fashion show, stack lightweight blocks to create your own terrible monster or funny friend, launch foam hot dogs at The Pigeon and play the plinko game to give the Duckling a cookie, create art inspired by the work of Mo Willems and more!

🕶Attic-play with illusions, two slides, see Mr. Rogers shoes, a huge sand wheel(my oldest daughter’s favorite) and more!

🚗Garage-pretend to drive a Smartcar, build vehicles, climb a rope bridge up to launch parachutes, use a pulley system to return parachutes, then ride metal twisty slide down

🖌Studio-my youngest daughter’s favorite! Paint on kid easels, create art with screen printing, and create sculptures with clay

🙌🏽Nursery-create bubbles through a seasaw, play in sand, train tables to explore, Sift, pour and empty containers filled with smooth blue pebbles to develop hand-eye coordination and use tools, see Mr. Rogers puppets and much more

💦Waterplay-smocks are provided, but I would pack an extra set of clothes or bathing suit
Water dripping from overhead, 7-foot diameter Water Mover, Dam Building, water vortex, rain meander, magnetic water wall, build-a-fountain, hand pump, shaved ice tables


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  1. This sounds like such a fun roadtrip! We haven’t been to Pittsburgh as a family – will definitely have to check it out!

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