Westover Park-Upper Arlington

🚨New park alert!  

Westover Park Playground

2111 Westover Rd. Upper Arlington

I love when a new park has features from when I was young.  Ride a bouncy duck or turtle, take a spin on the merry go round, and check out a cool musical feature I haven’t seen at a park before. There is also a wobbly rock and rope climber that was a new challenge for my girls. 

Scroll down to see more pictures and see all the details.

🧗🏻‍♂️Climb a rock wall and a wobbly rock and rope wall combo, there are also 3 other metal rung ladders to experience 

✌🏻Take steps to a smaller slide or maneuver the rock walls to a larger slide

🦋Climb a small metal rung ladder and use the butterfly stepping poles

🙌🏼Swings for all abilities and a baby and adult swing combo(I love that these are becoming the norm)

🛋Sit in a dome to relax or be spun

🐢Ride a bouncy turtle or duck

🎼Play with a musical wall like I haven’t seen before

👍🏻Ride the merry go round with delight

🚽No bathrooms, plan accordingly 

🐜A small brick building with a place to eat

🌳Great shade trees, hit the park early to take advantage

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