Velvet Ice Cream 🍦-Utica

Velvet Ice Cream 🍦
11324 Mt. Vernon Road, Utica

A short 1 hour drive through the country from Polaris Fashion Place. This is more than just ice cream, it’s a great day trip filled with activities. A 30 min tour, children’s interactive museum, outdoor playground(mostly shaded), nature walk, and a pond to watch ducks and swans. Not to mention a fun little restaurant for a lunch. And I forgot to mention the Ice Cream(so many choices I can’t mention them here).

📌Make sure you tell them that ‘Columbus For Kids’ sent you! #hosted

🥗🥐Wheel Room Restaurant with yummy food, I recommend the taco salad. The croissant sandwiches looked delicious!

🍦Ok, the ice cream…let’s get this started. We tried the banana cream pie(light and airy), fudge marble(classic and not too heavy), raspberry fudge cordial(very fruity and indulgent with the cordials), campfire s’mores(see below) and Kentucky praline pecan(a perfect salty and sweet combo)

🍫All of these were delicious in their own individual way. For the s’mores you could actually taste the golden brown flavor of the ice cream because they reduce actual roasted marshmallows and create an extract that is added to the recipe

🙌🏼And the Messy Mess Sundae, when the say massive they aren’t joking around! Warm hot fudge dripping off a huge sundae glass rolled in crushed nuts. There is a certain technique of dragging your spoon up the sundae goblet then scooping the simple yet delicious vanilla ice cream and shoving it in your mouth.

🌳Shaded outdoor seating to enjoy the nice weather with picturesque views

👧🏽Children’s interactive museum with machines, a soda shop, facts, and more! My girls played in this area for a long time.

🌿A nature walk through the woods(it’s situated on 20 acres)

🦆A pretty pond with ducks and swans

👊🏼2 play-sets with tire swings, regular swings, slides, climbing walls, steering wheels and ladders

🧗🏻‍♂️Huge tires to climb under and on top

👩🏻‍🍳30 min walking tours weekdays 11am-3pm

🛍A cute little gift shop with lots of fun local vendors and the softest t-shirts(I couldn’t resist!)

The local library brings a bus with books.

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  1. They also have a good riverside to play with behind the bank of playground. Hope everybody can find it!

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