uPaint Pottery🖌

uPaint Pottery 🖌

1205 Polaris Parkway, Columbus

My girls and I love art.  This was their first experience painting pottery and it was a hit!  They both said they want to have a birthday party here to celebrate.  The options are endless. From choosing a piece, selecting the paint color, finding the perfect brush, stamps, fine tips and finishing with glitter(if that’s your thing)! 

Keep your eyes out for the finished pieces in my stories 😉

Thanks for hosting us uPaint Pottery!

The staff was wonderful with instruction, checking in and assisting. Mom perk, no clean up!
Purple mermaid for this one…
Colorful fairy for this one…
Fairy with freckles(so creative for being 5) and a purple polka dotted mermaid slathered in glitter) 😂
They had a cute picture taking area with a crate of props.