The Children’s Garden-Franklin Park Conservatory 🌱

The Children’s Garden at Franklin Park Conservatory 🌱
1777 E Broad St. Columbus

I was definitely more excited for this to open than my girls. And it was way better than I ever expected! You have to take your kids here! There are way to many things for me to highlight in this little blurb, so please read below to see 43 pictures and a detailed list of everything you can do.

🦋Topiaries that are so neat, flamingos, cardinal, and butterflies

🌈Walk under a rainbow awning

👣Walk through a stone path and under vine arches

🗣Fun Gnome statues to chat with

🐌Play in a mist area with whimsical snails

🔭Use telescopes to get a closer look at flowers, and spin it around for fun

🐝See a super cool wood bee hive

🎼Play with all kinds of hand instruments, play a turtle, beat on a large xylophone or metal drums, and play with giant wind chimes

🔵Make bubbles in a huge wash sink, one of my youngest daughter’s favorites

☕Explore a mud hut with pretty colored glass, play tea party at the table inside, or checkers, peak out the windows

🖐🏾Play hand puppets at the theatre and have your audience sit on the log seats

👍🏻Walk down an arch path to logs you can climb through and a super fun cocoon swing

🤸🏽‍♀️Test your balance on the maze of balance beams

🔨Build with large wood puzzle type peices

🕸Climb a rope spider web

🏖Play in a sand pit

🌳Climb the steps to a roped area and float in the tree tops

🙌🏼Walk through a set of 2 wobbly bridges

🐥Explore a giant bird nest and feel like Bug Bird

🧚🏻‍♀️Visit the fairy garden to see the creative fairy houses and create your own at the station with all natural materials

📚Climb up and open the cabinet to choose a nature book on a comfy seat

💦Plan ahead and bring an extra clothes for the rock stream, this was a huge surprise! It was tiered and had varying depth levels and had a drizzling rock edge to splash in

〰Weave a tapestry or create a boat in water

👣Walk across a boardwalk with a beautiful view



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  1. What a beautiful description the Franklin Park Children’s Garden. Our son loves the garden and will definitely visit again soon and donate one of his books to the garden.

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