Spring Valley Nature Preserve- Granville

Spring Valley Nature Preserve

1539 Columbus Rd. SW, Granville 

Another hidden creeking gem!  There’s a nice clear creek that has shallow and deep parts for all ages.  It truly is a beautiful place.  And the hiking trails were a challenge with hills.  I was proud of how well my little hikers did.  For those that don’t hike, don’t you worry.  You don’t have to hike to get to the creek, and it’s a short walk from the parking lot.

If you want to go creeking, head to the far left and go on the grass path through the meadow. The creek runs on the left of the path. There is entry to the creek in a few places along the path. The best area that has a pooled area can be found if you take the path all the way through the meadow, past the two small hill mounds and into the walking trail. You will go over a bridge and down a few steps and will see the creek on your left. You can walk the creek all the way back to the parking lot.

For another creeking option, scroll down…

For the less busy creeking area, follow the hiking trail sign and go down to the creek on the right of the bridge.

This area was easily waist deep.


We chose the Flowerpot Trail at the top of the hill after the steps pictured below. Then took the Song Bird trail and headed back down. There are hills and dangerous areas for less experienced hikers. So if you have multiple kids and only one adult, please be warned. But, it was a beautiful hike and a great trail. It’s helpful to take a picture of the trail map at the front of the park, just in case you need a quick exit.

These signs were great!