Shale Hollow-Adventures in Flight🦇

Shale Hollow Preserve 🦇
6320 Artesian Run, Lewis Center
WED-SUN: 11 a.m-6 p.m.

Adventures in flight is up and running at Shale Hollow and it’s a fun, educational opportunity. There is so much packed into this well thought out nature center. And get this, real butterflies will be coming to the outside tent.

Insects and bats are the theme here, and you’ll learn about their behavior and why they affect the food we eat, and pests that are controlled, and much more!

✨We loved the bright lights that represented the fireflies in the darkened area

🔬Look through a special lens to learn how an insect sees, and uncover flower centers to find out the different between bees and wasps

👩🏻‍🍳Play in a small kitchen area with a table and learn what bats eat

🦋Live butterflies will be making there way to the outside tent

🔦Use flashlights to get a closer look at different species of bats

🦇Use a black light to view the bat migration patterns

✋Feel what the wings of insects feel like in large scale frames on the walls

👀See live and preserved versions of all insects displayed

And more, this post would be way to long if I mentioned everything!