Schiller Park-Columbus🚂

Schiller Park 🚂
1069 Jaeger St. Columbus

I had heard great things about this park and wasn’t disappointed on our visit. This playground has a playset for every age with challenging features. The large trees provide nice shade and it was fun to explore the statues and pond. Picnic perfect!

Check all of the details here and see what your kids can explore here…

🚂A train to climb in and on

👧🏻A super small toddler playset with slides and binoculars

👦🏽A step up from toddler playset with a small climbing wall and 2 slides

👱🏼‍♀️A big kid playset with a bridge, 4 slides, 3 climbing walls, multiple ladders with varying skill levels and 2 sets of rings

🙌🏽Swings galore, 2 sets worth

🍦A little stand to imagine with, a market or ice cream shop

👟A fun hill to climb

🌳Nice paved paths with mature trees, so lots of nice shade to explore in

🦆Ducks, geese and baby goslings

🐜Take a blanket and have a fun picnic by the pond

☂A girl with an umbrella fountain

🎭My girls enjoyed playing on the stage

🏀A nice basketball court

💐Pretty flowers to see