Planet Westerville 🌎

Planet Westerville 🌎
362 Huber Village Blvd. Westerville

Holy climber’s dream, these are tricky and tall! We loved the challenge and the views from the top. Be ready to land from the fast slides, whee! Little ones can try the smaller set as well.

💕Two play sets for age groups

⛰Climbing wall, rope bridge, slanted climbers, a twisted spin ride, rope agility webs, climb through circles to get to the top

💭A whimsical stagecoach for the younger kids to explore and imagine

👊🏻Two stationary pogo sticks to jump your heart out on, oh memories!

🥁Drums to play

⚽️A soccer field with nets

🙌🏻This park is fenced in, I liked this feature, as well as the benches

🐜A pavilion with picnic tables made a nice dinner at the park