North Orange Park 🍊-Lewis Center

Next park up, North Orange Park(7560 Gooding Blvd.)! Also know as the blue swing park with my girls.

πŸ’• This park features seperated play areas for younger and older kids.

πŸ¦†πŸ’ 🐸We like to check out nature by the ‘Dora troll bridge’. There is also a nature trail.

🚴🏻There are lots of paved walking trails too, so if Dad comes along to play with the kids, you can get a workout. Also great for biking if you can drag your kids away.

πŸ–There is a huge sand play area. The sand is relatively clean on a dry, hot day.

πŸ—»This park is also great for climbers of all skill levels.

♿️ Handicap and stroller accessible

*Not pictured very well-a pretty cool tire swing

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