Mighty Children’s Museum💪🏻- Chillicothe

Mighty Children’s Museum
21 E 4th St. Chillicothe

We loved this children’s museum! It is new, clean, and has a nice variety of activities. My girls did not want to leave, we may have had a few meltdowns.

👶🏽Check the babies in the health area-get their weight, put on a bandage or wrap, check their temperature, listen to their heart, give them a bath and cuddle them in a blanket

❤️Hold the bar by the heart to light the heart with your heartbeat

💡Play with a giant light bright with pegs to make a design

💥Shoot scarves through the tubes with air pressure high into the air, my girls enjoyed catching them as they floated down

🚜Ride a tractor and plow the fields

👩🏻‍🌾Be a farmer and harvest veggies from the ground, pick apples, pull corn from husks, pick up the eggs from the chickens roost

🍎Weigh your produce and checkout in the market

🛶Play in a canoe, climb to the slide, go in the tunnel and climb a tadpole in the soft play area

🔵Roll the balls or experiment with placing them in the slots

💦Play in the water in protective long sleeve smocks. Open and close the sections so the boats can sail through

🌪Adjust the pressure to create a water tornado, press the buttons close to the clouds to create rain, pull the lever to release water to spin the windmill, and play with a steaming water dome(so cool!)

✨Enter the glow room through light strands and see the stars, bubbles(spot the fish) and relax in one of the beanbags

⛏Be a paleontologist and brush for artifacts or play with the pebbles(make sure you wear those protective goggles), weave a mat, make impressions with Hopewell artifacts

💪🏻Build with giant legos and little blocks(they had little magnets in them which were really cool, I also liked the little tables)

Side note-Crispie Cream donuts are a must before you make it to the museum, Paper City Coffee had great coffee and hot chocolate and are famous for their cinnamon rolls(at the end of the street of the museum).  There is a super cute reading nook/kid area at the bookstore beside Paper City Coffee, named Wheatberry Books.