Little Buckeye Children’s Museum-Mansfield

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum
44 W 4th St. Mansfield

Roadtrip! We have wanted to check this museum out, we had heard from friends that it was a lot of fun. Holy moly, there is so much to do! 2 floors worth!

I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of it all, see them and the details below…

🦖Dinosaur dig zone

🏠Play house with steps, climbing wall, secret passage and slide

👶🏻Take care of babies in the hospital, they even had an incubator

🍌Grocery store with the cutest little carts and baskets

💇🏽‍♀️Beauty shop, my oldest daughter’s personal favorite

🚗Cars and lego station at the Tyger Track

🐶A Vets office with lab coat and check up bag, choose an animal in the bungy cord cages

👷🏻‍♂️Construction site/building site with wheel barrels, cones, tools, construction truck, safety goggles and hard hats

💦H2O station to build and explore with water

🎭Theater with dress up outfits, instruments, concessions window, stage and theater seats(real ones). They even have a camera so the kids can see themselves performing while on stage

🚂A train to start with a button as well as make whistle, and train tables galore

✈Drive an airplane and see some flying above your head

🌳Go explore nature through a little door and adventure in the woods with a little tree house area, campsite(stumps, tent, sleeping bags, fire and grill), ride ons(ladybug and bee), and dress up with binoculars, vest, canteen, and animals

🧚🏼‍♂️Tooth Fairy Dentist station with dentist chair and tools

⚠Deconstruction zone with widgets and gears to take apart as well as build

🚙A real car to look in the engine and pretend drive

👩🏻‍🏫An old time school house with wood chairs and blackboards with chalk

🐻The 3 bears house with a kitchen and living room, my youngest daughter’s favorite. Watch your heads parents, it hurts if you miscalculate

🍟McDonald’s restaurant with seating, kitchen and drive thru with Little Tikes cars

🔵Build with foam tubes and blocks

🥔Potato heads and hot wheels stations

📋Scavenger hunt for Presidents, bring the finished list and receive a prize from the treasure box

👶🏽Soft baby area with toys

🎼Play music with plumbing pipes

📷Snap a pic with Scooby Doo cutouts