Library Park and Powell Library Branch 🐶

Library Park and Powell Library Branch🐶

420 Liberty Street

This little library and park are perfect for toddlers to age 7.  Who doesn’t want to ride a Clifford wobbly.  There are two playground for varying ages and is great for parents with kids in two age groups since the sets are close together. And a must see for an Abraham Lincoln portait in legos. 

😮A picture of Abe Lincoln in legos 

🔵The toys in the library are rotated within the branches, so your kids will get a variety of learning experiences

👱🏻‍♀️Large playground features 4 slides, a tube to climb through, steps and a ladder, activity wall and wobbly swing

👧🏻Smaller playground features 4 slides, monkey bars, Clifford ride on, stepping stone, arched ladder climber, drawbridge, steps and tube to climb in


🐜Picnic pavilion for eating and shade

🙌🏼A nice bench to chat on