Liberty Park Playground-Powell ⛱

Liberty Park Playground-Powell ⛱

2845 Home Rd. Powell

Drive around towards the back of the park and find a kid’s oasis.  This park has it all!  A sand pit with contraptions, a big playground, small playground, the cool roller slide, a glider boat and more.  You have to check this one out!

👧🏽Small playground features-

Teeter totter 

Wobbly firetruck ride on

Steps to climb

Straight longer slide and short curvy slide

2 skilled climbing ladders

An inclined climber

Activity walls with movable pieces 

👦🏼Large playground features-

A large boat glider

A slide made of rollers

3 other slides

Monkey bars

Twisted climbing ladder

Ring monkey bars

Wide ADA compliant ramps


🤸🏼‍♂️Balance beam

🏖A sand pit with sifters, movers and shade

👊🏽Cube stepping stones

👏🏼Regular stepping stones

⛱There are a few umbrellas with benches for shade

🐜A picnic pavilion with restrooms

🙌🏼A smaller play-set at the front of the park as well.