Lazer Kraze-Lewis Center

Lazer Kraze 🔫🕹
459 Orange Point Dr. Lewis Center

Not just lazer tag, but inflatables, arcade and pizza. We had a blast today! It was a great way to wear out the kids too. They have some great specials going on as well. #hosted


A Laser Tag Mission-
A laser tag mission is like being transported into a video game. Equipped with high tech laser tag vests participants compete for the highest individual and/or team score. Points are scored by tagging opposing players, bases, and interacting with the special devices in the arena to maximize your scoring potential.
Laser tag missions typically run every 20 minutes Each game is 12 minutes long but the whole experience takes about 20 minutes including the mission briefing and time to suit up for your mission.

Zero Gravity Inflatables-
The Inflatables provide a great combination of fun and physical activities. With Jousting, obstacle courses, and a huge slide there is something for all ages 40″ and taller.

Have a Blast in the Arcade!-
The arcade offers a blend of the latest in video and redemption games combined with some of the all-time favorites. Enjoy the classics like Ice Ball, Hoop Fever and air hockey, Have a little “friendly” competition testing your skills against others on Speed of Light, or the linked Racers. Test your luck on the redemption games like Big Bass Wheel, Monster Drop, or Wonder Wheel and more. You’ll find something for everyone and a great clean friendly environment for hanging out and having fun with your friends and family.