Hannah Park -Gahanna⛱

Hannah Park ⛱
6547 Clark State Rd. Gahanna

A more updated version of this post can be found here: Hannah Park

A secluded park I wish I visited when I lived in Gahanna. There are lots of activities and it’s in a beautiful area. Some features include climbing obstacles, super fast slides and a Gaga pit(want to know more?).

💕Separated play areas for age groups

🙌🏻 A contained slatted walking bridge in fun colors

⚽️ An enclosed Gaga pit, new to me!

👍🏻Super fast slides for your thrill seekers

⛰Climbing features with a tightrope, wiggly rope climb, small rock climb and twisted oval climbers

🦋A scavenger hunt game hidden in park featured

🚤A fun boat to rock in and spark imaginations

🌳In a beautiful area with lots of nature

⚾️🏀🎾Ball fields galore