Dari Point 🍦-Delaware

Dari Point🍦
303 E Winter St. Delaware

There was a great nostalgic feel as we indulged at this fun little restaurant. Not to mention they have a Papa Smurf ice cream cone! The food was delicious with curly fries, onion rings, bahama mama from Schmidts, and I can vouch for the blueberry topping in the very berry parfait.

The ice cream options were endless.  From classics to newer options.  You could go there each day for an entire year and have something new.

The staff were super friendly and hooked us up with cups for the cones(just in case) and added extra napkins. So thoughtful!

We loved the fun blue picnic tables in the outdoor seating in the shade. 
Cheeseburger minus the bun, being gluten free stinks.  But this was good without it!

Papa smurf

My youngest got so excited when she got her blue and purple ice cream.  It is blue raspberry and blackberry swirl.  I am going to get one of these next time. 

Very berry parfait.  The blueberry was extraordinary!

This is the lemon cyclone.  It had lemon soft setve with lemon oreos and birthday cake dip mixed in.  We couldn’t resist these quarter machines.

They have a weekly special and kids meals too.