Columbus Metropolitan Library-Main 📚

Columbus Metropolitan Library-Main
96 S Grant Ave. Columbus

Our favorite library to visit, other than our local library. A bar above the rest in everything they do. It’s fun to go to the city too.

💕Fun for all ages

👩🏼‍🏫 Librarians are engaging and love to play with the kids

🐠A see through fish tank with cool fish

🚌A bus to let those imaginations flourish

👩🏽‍💻Tablets with educational games to play with headphones(earmuffs as my daughter calls them)

😳Fun furniture to sit or climb on(you know it’s going to happen

🖥A huge tv touch screen for a story game and many more

🚪A door just for kids to enter and leave the library

👶🏽The best baby laptime class we have attended with little educational nuggets to take home with you. Fun tactile play afterwards with unique toys and fun crayons

👧🏻A ready for Kindergarten class that teaches the basics with fun experiences and positive reinforcement

📚A great selection of books

🏛The large scale of this library is a fun feeling and it has pretty art and features

🚽My daughter loves the kid sized toilets

🐜A cafe to buy a treat and a nice patio to have a picnic