Cabela’s 🦌-Columbus

1650 Gemini Place, Columbus

The first time we ventured here last winter I just wanted to look at some outdoor supplies. I was very surprised at the size of the store and all the fun nature education.

👣Since the store is so large it is a great way to burn of some of that extra energy

🦌Every animal you could imagine throughout the store

🖥A touch screen with educational facts about the animals and you can hear each sound too

🐟A large fish tank under a waterfall

🗒Plan a scavenger hunt to make the visit extra fun

🚨They have a bargain cave in the very back, if you hit it at the right time you can find a steal on kids boots and nature shoes(we got a pair of Keens that were perfect for farm camp in the hot summer).

🍬Ok, I don’t give in on candy often but the bagged candy they sell is a steal!