4th of July in a Pandemic🇺🇸

We can still make the 4th fun in a pandemic.  Kids are resilient and live in ‘the now’.  Fireworks in a cup, eatch the fireworks from Red, White and Boom andor Disney, crafts, and scavenger hunt.  Here are some ideas to try with your kids, enjoy! 

💥Make your own fireworks(and learn about density)

Fill a glass container with warm water, leaving an inch or so at the top for oil to be added later.  Next pour a little oil into a cup and add a few drops of food coloring.  Stir the oil and food coloring with a fork, then add to the water.  Enjoy! 

🇺🇸Craft a firework or flag

Use a toilet paper roll or a fork with some paint and Viola!

🦅Craft a bald eagle 

🇺🇸Color a flag, go on a scavenger hunt and Red, white and blue pribtable. 


💥🇺🇸💥 Fireworks without all the craziness and waiting 😉

Red, White and Boom

Disney 4th of July Fireworks