Cassingham Elementary Playground-Bexley 🌐

Cassingham Elementary Playground
250 S Cassingham Rd. Bexley

Brand spankin’ new! This playground was a blast! So many features we haven’t experienced before. Fun colors and nature themed, a great perk with my family. Bundle up and get out there!

🌐Globe merry go round you can sit in, climb on, and ride in the top. Be prepared for a workout!

🎢A super long slide that curves

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦A 4+ teeter totter with comfy seats

👍🏻Swings galore for all abilities

🐞A nature scavenger hunt

🙌🏻A super tall ladder to the top of an all enclosed lookout point(love the enclosure!)

🧗‍♀️Climbers will love the ropes, walls and obstacles

🥁Drums in the lookout

🏀Basketball courts